Why a ONE360 video booth is the perfect addition to your event

360 Photo & Video Booth Rental in Los Angeles and Las Vegas 

ONE360 Video & Photo Booth Hire Los Angeles

Looking for Los Angeles’s best 360 video booth rental company? Look no further, ONE360 is the perfect addition to your next event. Innovations in the photography industry have led to the introduction of 360 video booths. ONE360 Video Booths brings the timelessness of a photo booth and adds a modern “spin” to it. 

The new invention has transformed corporate events, weddings, product launches, birthdays and engagements. Your guests can’t ignore the fun of jumping on the booth and posing for a video. Our dedicated and well-trained team provide you with the best experience. With many reviews raving over our fantastic customer service, you’ll love every minute of our 360 experience.

We take your videos to the next level and bring your vision to life. Our 360 video booth is extremely popular and highly recommended for all events. In the past year, ONE360 has grown to be one of the top video booth companies in Los Angeles & Las Vegas.

Why do you need a ONE360 video booth?


The videos digitally can perform better than traditional photo booths and other video booth companies. To maximise the video booth experience, we strive to create products that can be shared. You can instantly share the videos captured on our 360 booths in high quality.

Unique Insight

Guests can take advantage of the 360 camera arm by posing and dancing as the centre of attention.

Fun Icebreaker

No matter the size of your gathering, small or large, the ice will be broken when there is a ONE360 video booth around. It helps the attendees communicate, interact and laugh together. An interactive video booth will surely bring people together at any event, whether it is a wedding, corporate event, or a holiday party.


Watching guests from the moment they walk onto the platform to the moment they receive their videos and share them on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, is sure to put a smile on your face as the host of an event. It’s amazing how much excitement our 360 video booths can bring.


ONE360 video booths have the advantage of not resembling photo booths. Our booths can be customised to suit any theme or design you want. You can customise the background for guests’ videos to incorporate your business logo or event decorations.

No Chaos

It may be messy to see your guests lined up at a traditional photo booth, particularly if it is outside, and the images cannot be seen immediately. Whereas with ONE360, the videos are instantly ready and can be sent directly to attendees’ mobile phones.


There is not a single event that would not benefit from a ONE360 video booth. Guests of all ages can enjoy the memorable moments that arise from our booths.

The Bottom Line

You always want your guests to have something exciting to do when you are hosting an event. If any of the above reasons apply to you, then book a ONE360 video booth for your next event ASAP. Keep your guests engaged no matter what the event is!